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If someone means any harm against the young master in this mansion, no matter who they are…


This is so important


im like 5 bajillion percent sure jake is always the big spoon


everything personal


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the only way I’ll wake up early

japanese prank shows are on a whole other level


To think that 5894 days ago I was just sperm, I think I’ve come a long way


Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts



How to open a beer with a banana

well its open

eleventh doctor; 2010-2013


love this, idk why


Ok so big text post didn’t go anywhere, so i’m making a photo post where i have a face, and I guess I’m gonna go more into detail about my situation is for those who don’t know me

Hi I’m Maia, I’m 20, I’m genderqueer, and I need help

This is really hard for me to write

So I fucked up last year at school financially

I didn’t choose enough credits (I needed one more course), government didn’t send me the full funds as it saw me as a part-time student, I wasn’t informed about this until the end of the year when it was too late

So I owe my school over $6000 from my own pocket and I need to pay it all back before I can start my third year of university 

I have a job, I live at home, but my family’s financial state is no better than my own, in fact it may be worse. So I still have to buy my own food most of the time and since I can’t afford this, I go some days without eating much more than an apple or maybe one meal a day.

I am nowhere near being even close to paying back that money

and the debt goes up every month I don’t pay it in full, in a few months my entire paycheck that i sent to the school last month will be right back in there again

I know that living here is making it financially difficult for my parents and my little brother and sister, it’s another mouth to feed, it’s another person to support

I don’t want to do this to them and I want to go back to school 

This is humiliating for me to write, I have lived in poverty my whole life, and it is draining and embarrassing 

I have a donations button on my blog now, any help in the tiniest way is extremely appreciated, so if you wish, you can click anywhere on this paragraph to help out 

The text post I made got me a tiny bit of donations from wonderful wonderful friends, but I am nowhere close to what I need, I would be forever grateful to anyone who donates, please help.

Please watch like comment share and subscribe new videos coming up!

Hello Welcome To my Domain. Im just A normal Teen Girl Doing Normal Teen Things.

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